Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Three Steps in Properly Preparing Your Home for a Re-Roofing Project

Replacing your roof can be a hectic task. People will come and go with construction materials and debris. It may also create a mess that could disturb other activities at your home. This is why when you’re doing a re-roofing near Menlo Park, you have to prepare your home in order to make the job easier for the contractors.


Just because the roof replacement will happen outside doesn’t mean the inside of your home won’t be affected. Dust will fall from the ceiling, and the impact of the construction may shake some of the furniture inside.

To prevent any damages or accidents, remove paintings and mirrors from the walls, as well as chandeliers and decorations that may be knocked loose when the contractors start working on the roof. Moreover, cover up the pieces of furniture with cloth to keep them from getting covered with dust.

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