Friday, February 27, 2015

Make Your Roof Disaster-Proof: Contact a Menlo Park Roofing Contractor

Natural disasters can strike quite unexpectedly, even in places as peaceful and affluent as Menlo Park, California. When a storm, earthquake or tornado arrives, people who wholly rely on the stability of the structures they are staying in to avoid getting injured or worse. The technology to accurately predict certain calamities is yet to exist, so it falls on the hands of residents and building owners to remain constantly vigilant in their quest to ensure that the structural integrity of their property will hold in case of disasters.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How a Roofer in Palo Alto Can Help You Achieve the Ideal Roof Pitch

The roof’s pitch is important. A Menlo Park or Palo Alto roofer can help design a roof that will suit a home owner’s preferences and still be up to the city’s standards.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Roofing in Menlo Park, CA is Better When the Flashing is Locked Tight

Roofs are strange characters—they provide sheer aesthetic value to a house, but it only takes the wrong kind of materials to make them leak at some point. Part of that problem involves the flashing, which may be off-kilter and will need replacement or repair.’s Tim Anderson said this holds true regardless of any roofing material you have up top. Menlo Park’s winter weather does present too many options for moisture to accumulate inside the roofing. If left untouched, the moisture can gradually compromise the internal structure and lead to more damaging circumstances. This will require the professional workmanship of Menlo Park, CA roofing companies such as Shelton Roofing to keep the roof battened down.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hire Roofing Contractors in Palo Alto CA for a Facility Reroof Project

If you own a commercial facility or establishment in town that has all but seen better days, you may notice that part of the roof may already be degrading—and warrants a reroofing job to some degree. In her September 6, 2013 report for the Port Orchard Independent in Washington State, Leslie Kelly said such was the situation facing a vacant building at the Olympic View Industrial Park inside the Port of Bremerton. The above scenario may or may not be familiar to commercial property owners in a prosperous place like Palo Alto, CA where some buildings that are idle for years are being converted into modern spaces, such as a former Sun Microsystems complex in Fabian Way that is now a Jewish community center. When your building’s roof is in poor shape and must be fixed up while there’s still time, entrust the job to roofing contractors from Palo Alto, CA like Shelton Roofing.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Palo Alto Roofing Contractor: An Ally in Ensuring Steeled Protection

If you are looking at sturdy options for your new roof, many will recommend putting up a metal roof over your head. In many ways, your choice of Palo Alto roofing contractor will help prove them right. Writing for the Triple Pundit, Paul Kazlov said metal roofs can be a good solution to recently brewing environmental issues such as global warming. Much has been said about the weather in Palo Alto, CA, especially when you consider the moderate precipitation the city receives annually. Stranger things can still happen, given the weather fluctuations due to climate change. When you do need to change your old roof with a better, stronger material, be ready to give a leading Palo Alto re roofing company like Shelton Roofing a call.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Palo Alto Roofing Materials: Cool Roofs with Equally Cool Benefits

Since ancient times, people in areas with hot climates have opted for brightly colored roofs that reflect sunlight with a view to keeping their indoor spaces cool. White or bright-hued surfaces are naturally great at reflecting heat, but cooling rooms below is another story. Now, engineers at Stanford University have come up with a new twist to this basic premise. Instead of merely relying on roof color, they created a multilayer coating that simultaneously reflects most incoming sunlight and absorbs heat, which is then discharged away. A group of Stanford University researchers set off to create a mirrored coating that also radiated energy at long wavelengths. The scientists, however, admit that no natural material exists that both reflects solar wavelengths and remains radiative in thermal wavelengths. The trick lies in structuring a surface that would reflect lower and upper ranges while discharging microwaves that can’t be absorbed by air.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Emergency Roof Repair in Sunnyvale: Stop-gap Measures to Consider

That pitter-patter of raindrops on your rooftop might sound strangely hypnotic, but you certainly don’t want it to turn into a veritable downpour during a storm. That said, you need to act with utmost urgency if you have not had any time to carry out a thorough roof repair or replacement project. While waiting for a roofing contractor in Sunnyvale to arrive, here are a few stop-gap measures you can consider. Using Tin and Aluminum Flashing Homeowners usually cannot determine whether their roofs are in need of servicing until heavy rainfall makes this concern rather apparent. That said, a quick way to prevent water from soaking your entire home’s interior is to apply tin or aluminum flashing on top of broken or punctured shingles. You’ll first need to locate the source of the leak and then securely place the aluminum or tin flashing by nailing it in place.

Friday, February 13, 2015

3 Roof Defects to Inspect to Tell if You Need Re-Roofing in Menlo Park

As the rest of the country is dealing with snow, Bay Area has a different adversary: rain and storm. The rainy season is truly in full swing, and cities like Menlo Park got a taste of the hassles and hazards that storms can bring, including power outages and trees getting toppled over. The rains may be great for the state’s water supply amid a drought, but it isn’t too great for homes, particularly the roofs. When the weather lets up, take the opportunity to inspect your roof, and see if you need repairs or a major roof remodel.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

An Experienced Roofer in Palo Alto Can Recondition Damaged Roofing

Roofs, for all the protection they afford to a home, can be one of the most vulnerable parts of the house. By shielding the rest of the property from the weather, these structures take the full brunt of nature’s damage. Damages caused by rainwater, strong winds, storm-swept debris, and even ultraviolet rays from the sun can reduce the performance of even the hardiest roofs. It is important for homeowners to keep track of the condition of their roofing to prevent further complications such as leakage and extensive water damage in the interiors of their houses. A feature published in the Houzz website discusses the advantages of roofing made from metal, and how it is a superior choice for a roofing replacement. As a relatively maintenance-free roofing material, metal boasts incredible durability and heat dissipation features.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Simple Menlo Park and Palo Alto, CA Roofing Tips for the Rainy Season

While snow is not a problem for residents in laid-back Menlo Park and the nearby areas, it’s that time of the year when rainfall increases. Known for its damp winters, California cities are expected to experience a rise in precipitation until March. If you haven’t done any roof maintenance work prior to the start of the season, check your roof now to stay ahead of any problems that may arise. Roofing has always been one of the top concerns of homeowners during the winter season. While rain water is not as damaging as ice or snow, small roofing issues can quickly develop into something more problematic if left unattended. This is the reason why homeowners should schedule regular Menlo Park, CA roofing checkups.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Palo Alto, CA Roofing Contractors: Telltale Signs of Broken Roofing

The roof is every house’s shield against exposure to rough weather and the elements. A failing roof can cause discomfort for your family as well as a significant rise in your utility bills. By regularly inspecting your roof and making early repairs, you’ll be able to prolong its service lifetime and avoid major inconveniences down the road. Recognize the signs that you may need the help of Palo Alto, CA roofing contractors. Stains and Leakage You’ll see water marks or metal stains on the walls, but these can go unnoticed if a particular area is seldom visited. Attics, for instance, are the first to be exposed to leakage; when left unattended for a long time, molds can accumulate on damp areas. Check for signs of ice, water, rotten wood, musty smells, or daylight peeking through roof holes.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Your Roofing Contractor in Sunnyvale Knows Slate Roof Replacement

You and your Sunnyvale roof repair contractor can view the roof from a safe distance through binoculars to check if any of the tiles are off-position. Some roofing experts do not recommend stepping on the surface itself as the tiles could crack under your weight. Take note that some displaced tiles may still be serviceable; a fallen tile that’s still in good shape, for example, may have loose metal fasteners as its problem. Mitchell recommends consulting your contractor about a full replacement if at least 10% of all tiles are not in good condition or many affected tiles could not be replaced without damaging the adjacent tiles still intact.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Roofing Contractor in Menlo Park Ensures Roof Safety from Collapse

Every homeowner and roofer recognizes the fact that water forming up on the roof can seep down and affect the internal frames. The gutters are also a culprit as any blockages will redirect the water into the foundation and the frames. Take note that the roof design may create chances for ponding even in a sloped roof because some sections actually dip; this can expose the affected area to further UV-triggered discoloration. The authors state that if you’re opting for a roof replacement, mark the ponding areas in the existing roof and factor the solutions into the final design. Knowing the environmental conditions and the potential loading on your roof will be critical to the long-term survival of the roofing system. Have a contractor who knows residential roofing in Menlo Park, CA work it out with you.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Best Advice from Palo Alto Roofer: Scheduling Twice-Yearly Maintenance

After an inspection, your roofer will recommend any repair that needs to be done, or if your old roof might be due for a re-cover, retrofit, or a total replacement. It is important to prioritize roof repairs and avoid putting them off to prevent having to cause additional damage to or further deterioration of your roof. Regular roofing maintenance can help residents and business owners cut costs in the long run from savings that one would otherwise put into major repairs or premature roofing replacements. Consult only with reputable roofers in Menlo Park, such as Shelton Roofing, to accommodate whatever repairs you may need for your roofing in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and throughout the San Francisco Peninsula.