Thursday, June 18, 2015

Roof Repair in Sunnyvale: Entrust It in the Capable Hands of Pros

Around the second week of May, a few areas in California received some rain, including the Bay Area of San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Palo Alto, and San Jose as reported by NBC Bay Area News. Meteorologist Ryan Kittell said that the rain shower would be of help to relieve the negative effects of the drought being experienced by the state, even if the overall impact is not too big. Wet and Dry KTVU reported as well that the rain won't be getting California out of the drought just yet. Indeed, while the rain fell on the few mentioned areas, the rest of California stayed dry. In any case, both of these conditions can be in the extremes. Whichever weather or season it is, the roof of your house remains as a primary protection from harsh external factors. Then again, your roof can only protect the inhabitants and the objects inside the house if it’s properly maintained.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hire a Menlo Park Roofing Contractor for Weather-Related Roof Damage

During the second week of May, a storm brought lightning strikes in Menlo Park and Palo Alto in the South Bay, as well as in Concord in East Bay. An article from the Santa Cruz Sentinel indicated that no injuries or fires were reported. Lightning Strikes While the lightning strikes didn’t cause damages, it is possible. A building directly hit by lightning can incur damage, specifically damage to roofing materials. When such an incident occurs, it’s a good idea to call in a Menlo Park roofing contractor right away. The roofing is one of the most important structures of the house as it is the primary protection of the interior, and consequently the inhabitants and the contents, of the house. Having it repaired immediately is paramount.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Palo Alto Roofer: “Little” Rain is Still Rain. Install Gutters Now

While it’s true that San Francisco Bay Area weather is relatively dry, rains do visit despite months-long droughts. Just a few weeks ago, heavy rains showered South and East Bay cities, with Sunnyvale and Palo Alto among those experiencing thunderstorms. According to meteorologist Ryan Kittell, however, such a downpour would do very little to remedy water shortage. Because the area receives too little amount of rainwater each year, some homeowners no longer bother installing gutters on their roof. However, knowing how much damage the “rare” rains can do may, perhaps, convince you to give your house the additional protection it needs.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Menlo Park, CA Roofing Expert: Tips for Longer-Lasting Wood Shingles

Wooden shingles have been around for centuries. Favored for their rustic appearance, wooden shingles could come from a variety of tree species with colors ranging from red to brown, complementing different architectural styles. Although many people choose wooden shingles primarily for their aesthetic appeal, wooden shingles also offer greater value compared to other roofing materials, in terms of installation and environmental-friendliness. Since wooden shingles are lightweight, they exert less pressure on your roofing system’s support structures. They are also pretty easy to install, repair and maintain. Wooden shingles pose no pollution threat since they are made of natural materials. You can even recycle them once they near the end of their life span. In addition, wooden shingles still deliver superior performance even in areas frequented by high winds and hail storms such as California.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Roofing Contractors in Palo Alto, CA: Tips for Choosing Roof Color

When it comes to roofing, it’s okay for homeowners like you to be a little picky. At the end of the day, it is you who has to live under that roof for many years. Aside from the material, however, you also need to think about the right roof color for your home. Reasons like “it’s my favorite color” might not be enough. Worry not, however, for here are some solid tips from Palo Alto, CA roofing contractors to help you pick the best color for your planned roof replacement. Check Out Samples Shopping for a new roof is not unlike shopping for new tiles, you need to see samples up close before you actually have them installed on your home. You need to ask your contractors for some color samples of your chosen roofing material. You’ll need them to get them to complement your home’s exterior paint. Never choose a color that looks like your exterior as this can make your house look bland and boring.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Re-Roof or Repair: Palo Alto Roofing Considerations for Homeowners

Your house’s roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It is, after all, your first line of defense against the elements. This is why as a homeowner, it is one of your biggest responsibilities to make sure that your roof is in tip-top condition. To do that, you have two options: re-roofing or repair. Knowing which one to do at the right time can help you make good on your investment. Here are some considerations for you before you call Palo Alto roofing contractors. Current State of the Roof The largest indicator of whether your roof needs repair or a complete make-over is its current state. If it’s in very poor condition and barely able to do its job, you probably need a good job of re roofing in Palo Alto. The same is true if your roof has too many layers, bad decking and incompatible shingles. If it’s a leak problem, however, you don’t want to be too hasty demanding for a re-roof.