Monday, August 7, 2017

A Professional Roofing Contractor Can Increase Your Roof’s Lifespan

The roof’s primary function is to shield the interior of your home from the elements. If you live in an area that experiences different seasons and bouts of severe weather throughout the year, you know just how valuable a sturdy roof is. It’s important, therefore, to maintain the structure so it can provide adequate protection for all inhabitants. If you’re interested in increasing the lifespan of your roof, there are a few important steps to take as a homeowner.

Remove Debris in the Gutters

Many people make the mistake skipping gutter cleaning altogether during maintenance. This can only lead to improper draining, causing the water to remain stagnant and eventually clog the entire system. Standing water will eventually lead to leaks and will cause water to seep into the home. Make it a point to clean the gutters each month to ensure that the water is redirected away from the foundation of the building. Read more on this article:

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Few Things Homeowners Can Do Before the Roofing Contractor Arrives

One of the most underappreciated parts of the home is the roof. Considering the vital function is serves, more homeowners in Menlo Park, CA or elsewhere should pay attention to what’s above their heads. Fortunately, local residential roofing contractors can help you fill in the gaps in maintenance, repair, re-roofing and other similar needs. Professional contractors understand that living with a failing roof is not only uncomfortable, but anxiety-causing as well. Rain and snow are no longer pleasures enjoyed from the safety of the house but signs to get out the buckets, and hope the shingles hold up under the weight of the snow.

An experienced roofing contractor would recommend having the roof inspected every few years. Professionally conducted inspections that are more in-depth and extensive, but this doesn’t mean that you as the homeowner can’t do your part in maintaining the integrity of your roof. Here are a few things you can do to keep your roof in good shape at least until the next inspection. Read more on this article:

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Telltale Signs that Signify the Need to Call a Roofer for Replacement

Keeping your roof in top-top shape is one of your most serious responsibilities as a homeowner. If you roof leaks or is otherwise damaged, then it could lead to serious problems with the rest of your home. Sometimes, it’s not always apparent when you need a new roof. The following are a few telltale signs that can let you know when you need to enlist the services of a roofer in Palo Alto.

Your Roof is More than 20 Years Old

If your roof is more than two decades old, then it’s pretty safe to say that you should probably consider looking for roofers in Menlo Park or whatever area your home is in. Generally, when roofs reaches the 20 year mark (if they even last that long), they are already considered long overdue for an upgrade. The typical roof lasts between 20 and 25 years, and that’s considering if it was installed right in the first place and has been maintained throughout the years. Read more on this article:

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Home Care and Maintenance: Inspecting Your Roofing in Sunnyvale, Ca

Your home is one of your biggest assets. It is only fair that it receives regular maintenance services. Among the parts of your home that need upkeep, the roof is the most abused, considering that it is exposed to the elements. Here are some of the things that you or your contractor from Menlo Park, CA should be looking for and fixing during a roofing maintenance.


Leak is an obvious sign that the roof needs repair. Most leaks start out along edges and corners. Water damage or stains in your attic are indicators that there’s leak. Taking a quick look around your attic twice a year is a great way to catch leaks before they can spread and cause major problems. Read more on this article:

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Common Roof Repairs that Are Often Needed in Residential Buildings

The roof protects your home from the elements. If neglected, it can quickly deteriorate, especially when the weather is bad. This could result in issues that require costly repair by professional roofing contractors from Palo Alto. Don’t wait until the damage on your roof spreads before you call in roofers to fix them. Following are common signs that your roof needs fixing.


Leaks occur when the roof has cracks or missing shingles. You can easily tell if there’s leak on your roof if there are water stains on the ceiling or drippings at the wall’s edge. With the help of professional roofers, the source can be found and patched right away. They may do this by hosing down the roof and observing where water can get in. To seal off the leak source, cement plaster can be applied. If the leak is caused by broken or missing shingles, new pieces of roofing cement will be applied underneath the shingles or tiles to seal the areas that are leaking water into the building. Read more on this article:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Home Improvement in California: Replace or Repair Palo Alto Roofing

our roof faces a lot of abuse on a regular basis. During a bad weather, the elements can take their toll on the roofing materials. It’s not uncommon to find wear and tear or damage that causes leaks on the roof’s surface after such ordeal. Protecting your home requires quick action when your roof has been compromised. It can be difficult to choose between a repair and a replacement, however.

Find the Source of Leak

The first step to successfully dealing with your roofing problems is to look for the source. If there was a hail storm in your area recently, then it’s likely that some of the shingles sustained heavy damage. In this case, professional inspection and repair is necessary. Palo Alto roofing experts can quickly remove the damaged roofing materials and replace them.
Sometimes, leaks are caused by a combination of several other issues, including damage to flashing and worn-out poor installation. In this case, simple repair may only provide temporary relief to your roof. Leak may start again once the temporary fix has been washed off. This is the best time to consider replacing your roof altogether. Read more on this article:

Friday, July 7, 2017

Gutter Guards Can Add One More Layer of Protection for Your Roofing

Even in sunny California, no roofing company would suggest skimping on your rain collection system. Rain and storm water runoff are adequately handled by gutters and downspouts that lead water away from your foundations and substructures. However, they can become clogged with debris, thereby requiring extra maintenance. One solution is to add a guard to keep debris out while allowing water to enter and drain freely.

What is a Gutter Guard?

A gutter guard, at its most basic, is made of some type of barrier that sits atop your gutters to allow moisture runoff without allowing twigs, leaves, and other objects to enter and create buildup. There are two basic kinds of guard: gutter covers and gutter screens. Of the two models, screens are the most cost-effective. Read more from this blog.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

How Do You Know if It's Time to Call Roofing Contractors for Repairs?

If you’re like many people, you only pay attention to your roof when there’s an obvious problem. Modern roof technology has extended the life of the average roof, but there are tell-tale hints that you may need to replace yours now. Roofing contractors will tell you that a twice-a-year inspection can help you spot potential problems before they result in major damage. Here are ways to tell if your roof has passed its prime and needs a replacement.

What to Look For On the Inside

The time to wonder about your roof is not when you see water marks on your ceiling; by the time moisture makes it that far, there could be serious structural damage. Start your inspection in the attic area. You’re looking for signs of sunlight showing through the substructure, sagging or warped areas and dark spots that indicate moisture, mold or mildew. Read more from this blog.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Consider Solar Roofing Shingles If You Don't Want a Solar Conversion

As concern about the climate grows, many home and business owners in Palo Alto are wondering how they can do their part. One wide-spread solution is reducing our reliance on fossil fuels by switching to clean renewable energy sources like solar power. Despite the benefits of converting solar power – which include lower fuel bills and tax incentive – residential solar conversions aren’t as wide-spread as their advantages might indicate. Part of the problem might be the expense of a complete solar power conversion, and there are sometimes aesthetic issues as well.

The good news is that there is a viable option for solar roofing in Menlo Park, CA. Tesla and other companies at the forefront of green technology have developed solar roof shingles, also known as photovoltaic panels that allow property owners in the local community to gain the benefits of solar power without some of the drawbacks. There’s even a system that will allow you to charge your electric car by harnessing the power of your roof. Read more from this blog.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Five Clear Signs that You Need to Call in Roofers for Replacement

Sunnyvale and Palo Alto are wonderful residential areas. With an average of only 57 days of rain per year, most of the time, the weather is bright and sunny. However, when rain does hit the area, having a reliable roof is of the utmost importance. Roofers are constantly called in on emergencies when roofs are leaking or buckling from age. Here are some ways to identify if a roof needs to be replaced.

The Roof Is More than 25 Years Old

Because a roof is a major expense, many try to get as many years out of it as they can. However, if the roof is more than 25 years old, then it is time to start considering the replacement options. A roofer can assess your roof and advise you whether you would need a simple repair or a full replacement. Read more from this blog.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Take Note of These Top Signs You Might Need Re-roofing to Avoid Damage

The roof is an integral part of any building due to its durability when you want to protect the interior setting from damage. Although roofs are built to last several decades, they can deteriorate quickly and cause water damage to the interior setting. Here are a few signs that you need re-roofing for your home.

Roof Age

An easy way of determining the need to replace your roof is to consider the age of the materials. Most roofs last an average of 20 to 25 years before they need to be replaced depending on the types of materials that are used. You can also hire a roofing contractor to estimate the age of the roof and provide you with a timeframe on how much longer it’ll last. Read more from this blog.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Properly Inspecting Your Roof, As Explained by a Roofing Contractor

The roof is a highly durable structure on the home that can withstand different types of weather and environmental elements. Unfortunately, it can begin to wear down over time due to damage or age.

When you want to perform a roof inspection and perform necessary repairs, there are a few steps to take as a homeowner.

Check the Attic

The most efficient way to find leaks that may be present is to inspect the attic with a flashlight. Examine the roof boards and check for areas where water stains are present or sunlight is coming through the roof deck. Read more from this blog.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Take Note of These Issues that Will Require Immediate Roof Repair

As important as the roof is, it does tend to be overlooked because it isn’t something that homeowners often have problems with. As long as it keeps the house protected from the harsh exterior elements, they would automatically assume it’s in good condition.

However, just because you don’t see a problem doesn’t mean it’s not there. In fact, it is this oversight that usually causes problems to become big enough to be noticed. By this time, though, the damage would have become serious enough to spread to the other parts of the house. This could translate to a major inconvenience, possible risks on health, and surprising expenses.

When it comes to roof repair, it’s important to be on the lookout for telltale signs of damage, and immediately call for expert help. Read more from this blog.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Signs It’s Time to Call a Professional Roofing Contractor for Repair

Making sure that your roof is in great condition is important, otherwise, the integrity of the entire structure becomes at risk of decay and damage. Here are some signs that it’s time for you to call a professional roofing contractor to check up on your roofing system and get it the care and maintenance it needs.

Shingles Problems

This is something that you can check from outside your property even without getting on the roof. Use binoculars if you must to see if the shingles are buckling. The slopes of your roof where the sun hits it directly should be a good place for you to start your scrutiny. If you see the shingles curling or buckling, then it could mean that the material is old and may be up for a replacement already.

If there are missing shingles, it could either mean that it was exposed to a huge force, such as a hurricane, or that the shingles are falling off on their own because the installation was not done correctly. Either way, you will need a professional to fix it. Read more from this blog.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Common Roofing Problems Requiring the Help of a Professional Roofer

Homeowners don’t usually think or worry about their roofing systems until problems start to appear. Usually the roof is out of sight and, therefore, out of mind. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s less critical, especially in terms of maintaining the structural integrity of your house.

When it comes to roofing systems, there are many possible issues that could damage your property. It’s up to you to catch it early on so you can prevent or mitigate the damage, and when you do, you should call for a professional roofer to take care of it. Here are some of these problems that you should leave in the hands of the pros.

Collecting Water

Otherwise known as ponding water, roofs have the tendency to collect rainwater and moisture. This could mean that the roofing material wasn’t measured accurately during the installation. Ideally, there should be enough slope on the roof to prevent water from forming in sections. Read more from this blog.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Choosing the Most Appropriate Type of Roofing Materials for Your Home

Picking the right kind of roofing materials is a crucial step in building a structurally sound home. That’s why you should do your research first as to what kind of roofing will suit your house best. There are plenty of factors to consider, including the durability of the material, its compatibility to the climate in your location, and of course, the aesthetics of the roof and how it will complement the style of the rest of the house.

Here are some of the more common types of roofing materials that you could consider.

Asphalt Shingles

This is actually the most popular type of roofing material, and for a good reason. Many homeowners choose it for its aesthetic value, which can easily make the house look upscale. Apart from that, it’s got a very good flexibility, easy to use whether on fairly low or steeper sloped roofs. It’s also known for being fire and wind-resistant, and most importantly, is cost-friendly and easy to maintain. Read more from this blog.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Signs You Need to Call a Professional for Roof Replacement Services

For a home to need a roof replacement, the roof must be in a serious state of decay and damage. Ideally, homeowners should be able to avoid the most severe roof catastrophe if only they pay attention to some telltale signs. Following are some of the signs that tell you it’s time to call a professional for roof replacement services.


The age of your roof usually serves as a good clue for when you should retire it. No matter how the roof appears from the ground, you should already consider replacing it if it has outlived its expected lifespan, which on average is 20 to 30 years. A roof of this age has usually undergone numerous repairs already.

Save yourself the cost of many more repairs by replacing your old roof with a brand new roofing system. Read more from this blog.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Look for these Reroofing Indicators Before Calling for the Experts

Homeowners are never likely to pay attention to their roofing systems unless its problems start showing up below. By that time, however, such problems may be spread so widely that they require a major effort to resolve.

Indeed, in some instances, repair is futile. So, reroofing becomes the only option left. In this vein, it is wise to recognize the signs that indicate your roof’s problems demand a new roofing system. The earlier you detect a problem, the less costly it will be. Following are some the heavy hints that your roof needs addressing.

Sagging Roof

The place for you to look for this is inside the house. A sagging roof will inevitably affect the ceiling, or even compromise the roofing membrane. If you see anything out of the ordinary with your ceiling, such as sagging sections in the attic, it’s likely an indication of a damaged roofing. Read more from this blog.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

How You Can Minimize Damage in an Emergency Roof Repair Situation

Imagine this scenario: you and your loved ones are safe and sound asleep inside the house when suddenly a loud crash comes from the living room. You then find that a tree has fallen on your house, creating a huge hole in the roof.
While the above scenario may seem a bit extreme, it is definitely not uncommon. According to Fox News, severe storms caused over $12 million in property damage in the U.S last year. Read on to find out what you should do during this emergency situation and what you can do to minimize the damage and ultimately save your hard-earned dollars. Read more on this article:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

These Important Things May Not Cross Your Mind When Re-roofing a Home

A home is incomplete without its roof. A roof’s job is not only to keep water out of your property, but also to ensure your safety from the ever-changing elements. When it’s old and dilapidated, however, it could no longer do its job properly and could even pose a danger to you and your family. There could be toxic mold and mildew growing that may affect your health, or the roof could collapse and fall into the house. Before that happens, it’s best to start re-roofing your house. Here are some tips for you to do before, during, and after a re-roofing process.
A roof is a critical investment for a homeowner. Therefore, it is logical to choose the best and most experienced roofing contractor in your area. A good company will guide you through their work process, including how to prepare all the documents and paperwork. This includes the building permit and the written contract. Read more on this article:

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Visible Signs that You Need to Call a Roofer for Immediate Repairs

Just like any other part of the house, homeowners also have to pay good attention to the roof over their heads. Over time, the roof would deteriorate and homeowners need to know exactly when it requires repairs or replacement.
The key to saving money on your home’s roof is to be proactive with its maintenance. You need to be able to spot signs of any roof problems. Ideally, you should have roof repairs done right away before the problem has a chance to worsen and cost you more money. To help you with this, here are some common signs of trouble to watch out for. If you spot any of these, it means you need to contact a professional roofer in Palo Alto as soon as possible. Read more on this blog:

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Common Problems With Your Roofing That You Should Address Promptly

Though it’s easily visible among the neighborhood, the roof is, unfortunately, one of the most overlooked parts of the home. People rarely think about their roof only until the problems start.
Taking good care of your roof, then, should be one of your responsibilities as a homeowner. After all, it’s the one part of the house that keeps you sheltered and protected from various elements, whether these are heavy rains, strong winds and snow.
A poorly-maintained roof doesn’t just affect your energy bills, though. Surprisingly, the condition of your roof can have a direct effect on your health as well.
Because of this, you need to be able to recognize problems on your roof as soon as they appear and have it repaired as soon as possible. Here are just a few of the most common roofing problems that plague homeowners today. Read more on this article:

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Signs that You Require the Help of Professional Roofing Contractors

As a homeowner, you need to realize one thing – your roof will not stay in good condition forever. Over time, any kind of roofing material tends to degrade. Because of this, it becomes susceptible to a number of problem like roof leaks. Leaks are considered to be some of the most sever roofing issues. It doesn’t just put the integrity of your home in danger, but also presents a safety hazards.
As a result of leaks in your roof, a puddle of water may soon form in the floor. This, in turn, could lead to slip and fall accidents. This can be especially worrying when you have children running around the house without looking where they step. On the other hand, water intrusion from your roof can also end up compromising the integrity of your home’s insulation. Over time, your home would end up loosing hot and cool air easily, leading to much higher utility bills.
For these reasons, it’s important to watch out for signs of leaks so you can immediately schedule roof repairs before the problems gets worse. Here are some you may readily notice when inspecting your Palo Alto home. Read more on this article:

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Inquire About these Services from a Reputable Roofing Company Today

More than any part of your house, the roof is perhaps the most important. It is responsible for shielding you and any other occupant from any elements outside your home, whether it’s intense heat from the sun, strong winds or heavy rains. This is why it is necessary to make sure that your roof is always in an excellent condition.
In this case, it’s sometimes better to be more proactive rather than reactive. This means, you should consider doing preventive maintenance on your roof to avoid damage that may require costly repair. This way, you know that the roof over your head will not give you problems anytime soon. That said, there are number of additional services that a Palo Alto roofing company provides. Read more on this article:

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Roof Repairs Can Save Your Palo Alto Home from Greater Future Expense

The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University estimated the total costs of maintenance and improvements for rental property owners reached $325 billion in 2007. Owner-occupied properties were not far behind with more than $100 billion spent on similar expenses, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Wondering what the gist of these figures is? It’s that home maintenance expenses is not a matter to take lightly. The good news is that it is mitigable. Roofing contractors, in particular, serve as conduits to stemming future expense by simply maintaining and repairing your Palo Alto, CA roof and gutters on a timely basis. Read more from this blog

Friday, March 3, 2017

Emergency Roof Repair? Tips on Finding the Materials for Your Home

An emergency roof repair can bring a lot of headaches. You have to find a contractor, you have to deal with insurance, and you have to research the best choice for your new roof. Your Sunnyvale home deserves the best care and the best results. So, what are the choices when it comes to choosing new roofing?

 A Case for Asphalt

Asphalt is the most popular choice when it comes to roofing material because it is easy to install and it is the cheapest option. Other positive attributes: Asphalt comes in a variety of colors; it is fire resistant; and some types sustain hail and wind quite effectively. While it is the cheaper option, it might be the most expensive in the long run because it does not last as long as its alternatives. It also does not possess the insulation qualities that a lot of other materials offer. Although, some types of asphalt do have a reflective coating, which lowers cooling costs. Read more from this blog

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Four Things to Do Before Calling a Roofing Contractor for Re-Roofing

Weather in California can be extreme—either too hot or too rainy. Either way, a good roof over your head is important for keeping you and your family safe. The quality of your roof, however, deteriorates in time. If you own an asphalt roof, for instance, it will only last for 10 to 15 years. After a decade or so, it’s time for re-roofing. But, before you pay for re-roofing, there are four things you should do before asking a roofing contractor to work on your Menlo Park home.

Clarify the Meaning of “Best Value”

Because new roofing is expensive, some homeowners prefer to scrimp without thinking about value for their money. Instead of seeking the cheapest estimate, seek the one offering the “best value”—i.e., a combination of high-quality products and excellent customer service from your roofing contractor. Read more from this blog

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Why a Roofing Company Might Suggest a New Roof to Palo Alto Homeowners

If your roof already looks outdated compared to nearby houses or it is so damaged that repairing it would require a significant amount of money, it’s time to buy a new roof. A new roof is useful whether you are settled into your Palo Alto area abode or plan to sell it soon. New roofing or reroofing should not be regarded as something you must evade in whatever way you can. It should instead be viewed as a preemptive and eventually rewarding measure. Following are five reasons why you would need a new roof from a reliable roofing company serving Palo Alto.

Better Resale Value

Selling your property in Palo Alto is not always easy if your neighboring competitors’ homes are newer or remodeled. However, investing in a new roof definitely increases the salability of your home, no matter what nearby homes do., a website where owners directly sell their properties to buyers, learned from a recent survey that one of the best ways to enhance property value is through a new roofing. Read more from this blog

Saturday, February 18, 2017

How Roofers Can Help Reduce Storm-Drain Flooding in Your Community

Whether it’s a regular rainy day or a full-blown storm, debris and water drain from individual homes to gush into the streets and public gutters. Houses with broken roofs and gutters do not sufficiently filter the dirt coming from them, thereby increasing the volume of outflows to storm drains throughout the neighborhood. Because of considerable community consequences, homeowners share a responsibility to ensure that their homes don’t contribute to street flooding and gutter blockage. While you cannot completely stop flooding in the roads, you can properly maintain your roofs and gutters to avoid contributing to debris and stormwater overflows. Professional roofers can definitely help you do your part around Palo Alto because they are experts in maintaining roofs and gutters. Read more from this blog

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Four Surefire Signs That Tell Home Owners It Is Time For New Roofing

A roof that protects a home’s inhabitants from weather conditions and different elements is important. Leaks and other problems are unacceptable as they can damage furniture and other properties inside your house. Furthermore, gushing roofs are extremely unsettling when you consider how a home is meant to be a place for rest and relaxation, not a reason to fret about pails to catch water drippings. To avoid the stress and additional expense wrought by a leaking roof, here’s what you should know about the five perceptible signs that tell you it’s time for a new roofing on your Palo Alto, CA home.

 The End of the Roof Warranty is Approaching

Different types of roofs have varied lifespans. An asphalt roof can last for 15 to 20 years, while a metal one may reach 40 years. As for tiles and slates, they can be used for more than 50 years as long as they don’t sustain considerable damage from severe weather or natural disasters. The end of your roofing warranty definitely calls for re-roofing. Read more from this blog

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Signs You Need to Call a Roofing Contractor for an Emergency Repair

Strong winds, heavy storms, and other harsh weather conditions can damage your roofing system. Damage can also be caused by falling debris such as branches of trees and animals that find their way to your roof. Even if the roof’s material is durable, it can still sustain a damage, especially if it’s seen better days. In an event that your roof gets beaten down by the elements, you need to act fast to keep the problem from getting worse. Knowing the signs that your home needs emergency roof repair in Sunnyvale will help you address the problem immediately.

Torn Shingles

An old roof can be damaged when wind blows at 50 mph or higher. You may not feel it when inside your house but your roof is getting all the brunt of it. After a windstorm, check your roof for any torn shingles and any other damage. See if the underside is exposed. If it is, your house may experience leaks, which can lead to more serious problems. Missing and broken shingles are a sign that it’s time to call for emergency repair. Read more on this article:

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Some Obvious Aesthetics and Economic Benefits of Re-Roofing Your Home

While your roof can last for many years, it’s not completely resistant to damage. Bad weather and harsh elements can take a toll on any roofing system. You may spot some surface damage on your roof or notice leaks in your attic and these can indicate serious problems.

Though repairing them may be the first solution homeowners may think of, re-roofing may be what you need; at least that’s what some Menlo Park residents say. Re-roofing your home has several advantages.

Instant Curb Appeal

Since the roof is one of the first aspects that people see when they pass by your house, it’s important in creating aesthetic appeal. A damaged roof may make your entire house look old and unkempt. Re-roofing, on the other hand, may give it a fresh appearance. A new material may create a different, more stylish look for your home, enhancing its curb appeal and adding value to it. In fact, re-roofing may make your home more marketable especially if you’re planning to sell it. Read more on this article:

Friday, January 20, 2017

Common Mistakes You Can Avoid by Calling a Reliable Roofer for Help

Installing a new roof is not a piece of cake. It requires certain skills and knowledge about how the roofing should be installed, the materials to be used, and many other technical aspects. Even the simplest mistake can make the new roof malfunction, failing to protect your home and enhance your living condition.  Worse, if you try to install a roof by yourself, you run the risk of failing to comply with building codes a professional roofer will be very familiar with.

When considering installing a new roof, it’s important to know the common mistakes homeowners make so that you can avoid them.

Mismatched Shingles

Your roof should have the same shingles to improve your home’s curb appeal. Since shingles come in various profiles and colors, it’s necessary to buy from the same manufacturer to avoid installing mismatched shingles. Otherwise, your roof may lack style and look confusing instead. A professional roofer in Palo Alto can help you ensure that all the shingles you’ll use are of the same type, appearance, and quality. Read more on this article:

Thursday, January 19, 2017

So You Want to Properly Maintain Your Roofing? Try These Simple Steps!

No matter how durable you think your home’s roofing system is, it still requires proper maintenance. This will help extend its lifespan, allowing it to protect your home and ensure its curb appeal for many years. This doesn’t only help save money on repairs but it also assures you and your family live comfortably.

There are several surefire ways to keep your roofing in Menlo Park, CA in top shape.

Maintain the Gutters Clean

When leaves and dirt clog the gutters, it may ruin the paint of the siding and wet the basement. Damaged paint on metal areas lead to corrosion damage. These aren’t the only problems. The overflow can go upward and damage the roof sheathing and rafters. Fixing this problem may cost a lot, so it’s best to prevent it by cleaning the gutters regularly. Fall and spring are the seasons when you should be more vigilant in cleaning the gutters as more leaves may get stuck in the gutters. Read more on this article:

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Some Common Problems in Your Home that Require Immediate Roof Repairs

Roof damage should never be ignored. If you ignore it, you are risking making the problem worse, which may require more serious and costly repairs. There are several roofing problems you may face. Some are easy to detect while others need a closer look. Knowing what these are will help you determine the right time to call experienced roofing contractors in Palo Alto, CA for help.

Blow-Off Damage

Strong and high winds can blow off a finished roofing or damage its felt base, sheathing, and other components. Blow-off damage can usually be seen on the area that’s most exposed to the wind. In order to fix this, a contractor may install a new roofing, most ideally with material that’s more durable and more resistant to harsh elements and extreme weather, or just replace the damaged section with the same type of materials

Worn-Out Shingles

Old age wears roof shingles out. You may notice that some shingles are missing, torn, or broken due to bad weather, foot traffic, or impact. Old age can also lead to balding, curling, and brittle shingles. When your roof shingles are damaged, your home loses protection. Contractors can repair the shingles but if the damage is severe, it’s best to have the roofing replaced completely. Read more on this article:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Different Types of Roofing You Can Choose from to Enhance Your Home

The roof helps improve the overall exterior appeal of your home. You can’t just clean and repaint the walls and ignore the roof. If you want to increase your home’s value and have it exude a certain character and personality, then you have to upgrade your roof as well.

There’s a wide range of Palo Alto roofing materials, and knowing the differences between them will help you choose the right one for your home.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingle is the most commonly used roofing material, thanks to its affordability and ease of installation. It comes in a range of colors, which allows you to combine it with fiberglass and organic materials for reinforcement. Even if you do this, the appearance of the shingle remains the same, maintaining its style and appeal. Another good thing about asphalt shingles is that they work well with different architectural styles, including traditional suburban types. Read more on this article: