Friday, July 15, 2016

A Roofing Contractor Explains When It’s Time for Emergency Repair

The roof is an integral part of any home, protecting you and your family from the harsh elements. Given this, it’s necessary to ensure that your roof is always in good condition. Bad weather, the aging process and other factors can cause damage to your roof.

When it’s damaged, it loses its capacity to fully protect your home. That’s why you need to address the problem immediately by doing emergency roof repair in Sunnyvale.

Wind-Caused Tears

Strong winds of about 50 mph can be dangerous to old roofs. After a windstorm, don’t forget to check the condition of the shingles. If the underside is exposed, then it could lead to a leak. Missing shingles are also a cause of concern. A replacement might be necessary if a huge section of the shingles are missing or damaged.

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