Friday, September 18, 2015

Which Roofing Materials can Stand Up to the Warm California Weather?

The climate across California varies from county to county, but if there’s one thing people can agree on, it’s that it’s mostly hot. The weather in the state is generally warm, with some experiencing Mediterranean, hot desert, semi-arid, and even continental climates. Menlo Park and Palo Alto, being so close to San Francisco, share the warm Mediterranean climate characterized by dry summers that can reach up to 79 ºF. In such warm weather, the roofing material you choose for your Palo Alto or Menlo Park, CA home matters. Slate Tiles Slate tiles are very durable against the heat and the other elements. It also helps reduce the heat absorbed due to its natural reflective properties. If you want to maximize its heat reflection, you should pick light colors or earth tones like grey, moss green, or a light brick red.

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