Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Roof Severely Damaged by Pest Infestation? Call a Roofing Professional

One of the problems many Palo Alto homeowners face is pest infestation. Animals of different proportions especially like the safety and comfort that attic and roof spaces provide. As insects find their way through the roof, larger animals tend to follow in to forage for food, creating burrows and holes that result in costly repairs. Many times, roofing professionals would be called in to help fix extensive damage caused by these unwanted visitors. Harboring Critters. Insects follow a certain life cycle. There are months they aren’t as active and invasive so you’re lucky if you are able to hinder their proliferation before you find yourself warding off swarm attacks. Roofing handymen usually find hornets, bees, and wasps on the roofline, deep in the sidings or inside the roof itself, which can be hardly noticeable.

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