Friday, May 15, 2015

Roofing Tips form a Palo Alto Roofer to Cool Down Your Home in Summer

Most people are already looking forward to summer, but what they keep forgetting is that the heat can increase energy consumption at home. Using energy efficient appliances can help. However, if you are looking to replace your roof, you could also look into choosing a material that could give you substantial energy savings. The kind of roofing that’s most appropriate for the climate in Palo Alto may reduce your energy bills by helping to regulate indoor air temperature and decrease your air conditioning needs. Here are some tips from a Palo Alto roofer on the roofing type that can help cool down your home in hot weather. Light Colors Work Best It is common knowledge that darker colors absorb more light and heat than lighter colors. In places with generally warm and dry climates like California, this also applies to roofing. In ancient times, the Greeks painted their roofs white so as to reflect the heat of the sun.

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