Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Palo Alto Roofing Expert: How a New Roof Raises a Home’s Resale Value

Moving to a new place and thinking of putting up your Palo Alto home for sale? If your existing roofing shows signs of stains, leaks, sagging, broken or missing shingles—anything that reduces its aesthetic and functional quality—you can have the damage repaired or the roofing replaced altogether. A brand new roof, along with other improvements, attracts potential buyers more easily, and increases its resale value, as well. According to a joint housing study by Hanley Wood’s Housing Continuum Study and Harvard University, 30% to 40% of buyers of existing homes make improvements within six months after purchase. That’s for buyers who are willing to spend for renovation, but will settle for a lower buying price on the house. For most buyers, however, especially those who can afford other options and can pay more, a leaking roof is enough for them to look for a new house elsewhere.

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