Friday, August 22, 2014

Tap a Palo Alto Roofing Company to Look Over and Replace Your Covers

Palo Alto, CA, is right in the middle of Silicon Valley, where several top companies occupy some of the U.S.’ most expensive commercial real-estate. Even then, they can only stand so much against the forces of nature. If you feel that your roof is in line for a reroof, a Palo Alto roofing expert like one from Shelton Roofing will be up to the task. A key to laying the foundation for a successful metal-based reroof is to determine the slope angle of the upper surface and calculate the expected area with your preferred commercial roofer. Howard and Tuschall said many metal roofing warranties are workable even when the slope gradient is no less than 0.25 inches per foot. The final area for the material will be computed by multiplying the length and width then multiplying the product against the slope; be sure to add 10% for excess roof material.

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