Sunday, August 24, 2014

Roofing Contractors in Palo Alto, CA, Adding Jazz to the Colors up Top

A casual drive through Palo Alto’s residential communities may leave you struck with awe at how classy and smoothly designed the houses are. A number are already in Spanish colonial-era architecture, with others in heavily modern designs. If you are aiming to have your house’s roof sport a different color and style, roofing contractors from Palo Alto, CA like Shelton Roofing will help you find a way. Location and climate The house’s general location and the climate are prime factors in choosing a roof of the right color. According to Muldercub, people living in places with clear weather most of the year should have houses with brightly-colored roofs to reflect the heat away. The result is that the interior is cooler, reducing stress on the HVAC system; remember, however, that the color can ease or complicate roof repairs in Palo Alto, especially in detecting problem areas in the roof.

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