Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Getting to Know the Best Roofing Material for the Palo Alto Weather

If neither rain nor sleet can stop you from enjoying warm and cozy weather, then Palo Alto is where you should be. Palo Alto is known for its cool, wet winters, and warm, dry summers with very little to no snow fall. It is, however, because of this type of climate that one of the primary concerns of most homes in Palo Alto is their roofing. Fortunately, Palo Alto is not without options. Asphalt Roofs made with asphalt shingles are considered to some of the most common types of roofs within the northern American region. Its popularity stems from the fact that it can withstand most kinds of weather particularly heavy rains and moderate snow. Although it can withstand high temperature, its life span could get reduced by about 20% to 40% if it is consistently exposed to direct heat and sunlight.

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