Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hold It! Is Your Emergency Roof Repair in Sunnyvale California Legal?

It could be a very bad mold problem, or a long overlooked structural issue; it is such an inconvenience if you suddenly find out that you need an emergency roof repair in Sunnyvale, even more so if you need to re-roof a large area. According to the building requirements of California, and the Sunnyvale municipal code: any re-roofing or repairs of more than 100 square feet requires a permit and must follow the requirements specified by the 2013 California building code, residential code, fire code, and energy efficiency standards. That’s a lot of regulations to read-up on, so here is a brief summary of the major points that you need to remember: • The roofing material must have a minimum of a Class B fire rating. • As stated in the site: “The Planning Division requires that the existing quality of roof material be maintained on all re-roofs.

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