Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Roof Replacement in Palo Alto: When Patching Holes no Longer Works

The most popular choice of roofing material is metal, which can last beyond 50 years, but slate tiles (made of concrete) can last a lifetime, and is easier to repair. Slate tiles are not recommended for warm climates, though, because of their dark color. Consult with your local roofing company, such as Shelton Roof, that offers professional roof replacement in Palo Alto, and have the company recommend the right roofing material for replacement. However, you’ll have to determine whether your roof, indeed needs full-blown replacement, or can simply be repaired. When roof replacement is advised, the first thing to consider is the new material you’d like for your new roof. Contact local roofing contractors in Palo Alto, CA for recommendations on the proper roofing material for your home. For advice, remember, don’t limit yourself to one roof contractor; get more than one opinion when it comes to one of the most important structures of your home.

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