Monday, April 7, 2014

Trust a Palo Alto Roofer to Install Proper Roof Covering Materials

Roofers in Sunnyvale and other California cities follow certain guidelines when installing or repairing their clients’ roofs. Among other things, these rules deal with the classification of roofing materials. A study conducted by the Center for Fire Research and Outreach dictates some codes and requirements for roof coverings and shingles in California.

Before a slate roofing system can be built, however, the roofing structure must first be pronounced sound and capable of supporting the weight of this material. After all, slate tiles can weigh anywhere from 700 to 3,000 pounds per 100 square feet—a factor that requires utmost consideration. A trusted Palo Alto roofer like Shelton Roofing can undertake the necessary inspection and recommend which roof covering would be most appropriate for each property.

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