Saturday, March 8, 2014

Remodeling Investments with a Roofing Contractor for Menlo Park Homes

In addition to total roof makeovers, basic repairs are among the remodeling projects one can do with the help of a roofing contractor for Menlo Park homes. Tiles or shingles that have come loose, cracked, or broken can be replaced. Rusts and corrosion in metal roofs should be cleaned or sanded off, or the affected parts should be replaced in a timely fashion. Flashing, the most vulnerable part of sturdy slate roofs, can also be replaced.

Intensive fixes can be done for more serious problems. Leaks and inefficiencies in ventilation may be caused by poor insulation. The underlayment or insulating barrier of the roof may be relined in some cases. Gutters also prevent leaks by proper water drainage, so gutter repairs or upgrades add protection to the roofing system.

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