Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Challenges that Palo Alto Roofing Systems Face in Extreme Dry Weather

Homeowners know the threats that very dry weather poses to agriculture and water supply. However, not all homeowners may be aware that extremely dry weather presents challenges to roofs as well. If Palo Alto locals notice anything amiss with their roofs through this dry weather spell, they should consider hiring Palo Alto roofing specialists to do the necessary repairs. In particular, those with asphalt shingle roofs and wood shingle or shake roofs may end up with the most concerns during this kind of weather condition.

Asphalt shingles contain chemical compounds that keep them watertight and flexible, but evaporation and moisture deprivation can lead to the loss of these compounds. Without these compounds, asphalt shingles become more prone to drying, shrinking, and cracking especially under warm conditions. Cracked shingles will need to be replaced to avoid water from seeping underneath when the rains do come.

Meanwhile, wood shakes and shingles are prone to curling due to extremely dry weather. A minor case of curled wood shakes and shingles may not always require replacement, but homeowners can benefit from consulting with a trusted roofing company in Palo Alto to find out how to best deal with such a problem. At times, too much heat may also cause some of the shakes and shingles to come loose, requiring a refastening job.

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