Saturday, October 19, 2013

Storm Roof Damage: Why You Need to Hire a Sunnyvale Roofing Contractor

"Roofing problems that arise as a result of severe weather conditions need to be addressed right away; otherwise, the damage can only worsen before long. Unfortunately, one household in New Jersey had to wait for a year and rely on donations before their roof could be repaired, after it sustained heavy roof damage due to Hurricane Sandy. According to, this situation is pretty common in some areas in New Jersey that are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy: According to Michelle Loughlin, Communications Manager at UWHC, thousands of homes in Hudson County were severely damaged like Jones’s house and are still in need of repair. “Insurance won’t cover [the cost of repairing the homes], FEMA won’t cover it,” she said. “People are living in extreme conditions a year after Sandy.”"

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